Buletinul Științific al
Universității Tehnice de Construcții București
Seria: Limbi Străine și Comunicare
Scientific Journal of the
Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest
Series: Foreign Languages and Communication

Scientific Journal of UTCB Series Foreign Languages and Communication

Scientific Committee

Ethics and Plagiarism Statement

Peer Review<



ISSN 2537-5040
ISSN-L 2068-8202


The Scientific  Journal uses the double-blind peer-reviewing system by means of which the identity of the author(s) and of the reviewers is kept anonymous at all times. The system is meant to protect both the interests of authors and editors by making sure that the reviewing process is completely unbiased and that the quality of our published material meets the demands of academic research.
Our reviewers are both specialists in the fields to which the articles being reviewed are circumscribed and competent users of the foreign languages in which the articles are written.
Compliance with the guidelines for contributors is the preliminary step in the reviewing process. Then, the Editorial Board forwards the manuscripts to the reviewers and the reviewing process itself is initiated.
On our reviewers’ recommendation, the Editorial Board informs the author(s) of the final decision: accepted without revisions, accepted with substantial or minor revisions or rejected.
The editors will provide reviewers with a paper review form which they need to fill in for each article (which is given a code by the editor, the identity of the authors being hidden from reviewers).
The Editorial Board is also responsible for asking authors whose articles were accepted with substantial/minor revisions to re-submit their manuscripts as soon as possible.



  • original contribution to current research in its field;
  • engagement with the theme of the issue.


  • consistency in analysis;
  • complete referencing of all primary and secondary materials;
  • readers from outside the particular area would find this article interesting and engaging;
  • subject matter appropriate for academic publishing (academic journal conference proceedings, etc.).


  • consistent, logical argument;
  • academic standard of the language.


  • compliance with DLSC Guidelines for Contributors;
  • spelling, grammar and punctuation.